Our company is built on the following values.  These guide our culture internally, and as a result mirror our objective externally:



We’re better together.  Plum was formed in collaboration between men and women.  Our goal is to promote unity between the sexes through mutual kindness, respect and decency. Let’s help to end the seeming current battle between the sexes.


Respect is something to be given, and in so doing, something that is earned.  We encourage our users, both men and women, to be respectful toward each other.


We’ve started a hashtag of #projectdecency, and will be rolling out a website at www.projectdecency.com highlighting random acts of decency.  It requires no effort to simply be DECENT to a stranger online or in real life.  We encourage our users to just do the right thing and to always “error” on the side of being decent to one another.  When in doubt, be decent!


To represent oneself authentically is a foundational value toward living a fulfilled life.  Speaking your truth is critically important to finding the connection you desire. Showing up as your authentic self is respectful to not just you, but to those you encounter on Plum.

Inclusivity -

We aspire to be a community where all are welcome regardless of race, religion, color, creed, sexual orientation, or political viewpoint.  How boring would life be if we all were identical? It’s the collaboration of alternative (and confirming) ideas and viewpoints that leads to innovation and subsequent progress in our world.


Connecting with new people in real life and on Plum should be fun.  Enjoy the process of getting to know someone new. We can learn something new from virtually everyone we encounter in our lives.  See our FAQ section for some of our favorite ice-breaker questions to ask of new matches on Plum (or in real life.)


“Be Sweet.”  Simple. See our Decency value.  We have a slight bias toward sweetness of course, given our name, Plum!