Sick of swiping? Harassment? Ghosting and misleading behaviors? Plum is an inclusive dating app, integrating the science of lasting connection with solutions to daters’ core complaints about apps. Plum allows women to rate their matches AFTER COMMUNICATION begins, 1-5-stars, on Profile Authenticity, Communication and Follow-through. Men seeking men also have access to this rating tool.

Plum also allows women to customize their experience by giving them the flexibility to choose who sends the first message : "Me" or "My Matches."

With Plum, women incentivize men to bring their A-game.  The ratings women assign will help to provide context as to the reputation of the men they view on Plum, and serve as a deterrent to men from engaging in harassment. This creates a protective and informative network for women.

For men, there are Plum incentives, as well. The higher their rating in comparison to other men on the app, the more potential matches they will reach in our algorithm. Our message for men: Be sweet, bring your “A” Game, and you will finish first on Plum. Additionally, men will be given a side-by-side comparison of their individual category ratings, with the app average ratings for men.  This will serve as a helpful diagnostic to help men assess areas for potential improvement.

In our research during Plum’s development, we found many people are experiencing “swipe fatigue” in dating app culture, finding it harder than ever to tune out the noise and place focus on the process of connection. But Plum is designed to help you do just that. The app limits the number of matches (not “likes”) to five (5)  per day. This encourages users to be more selective in who they “like,” thus eliminating the common “Paradox of Choice” problem users face on other apps, due to over-matching.

Plum aspires to be the sweeter spot for connection, where respect is rewarded and relationships result.  We hope you will join our community, and become part of the solution and help us to accomplish our mission at #projectdecency, and those values listed in our Values tab.